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Handbooks in Financial Globalization: Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions, and InfrastructureUnderstanding twenty-first century global financial integration requires a two-part background.The Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions, and Infrastructure begins its description ofhow we created a financially-intergrated worldbyfirst examining the history of financial globalization, from Roman practices and Ottoman finance to Chinese standards, the beginnings of corporate practices, and the advent ofefforts to safeguard financial stability. It thendescribesthearchitectureitself by analyzingits parts, such as markets, institutions, and infrastructure. The contributions ofsovereign funds, auditing regulation, loan markets, property rights, compensation practices, Islamic finance, and others to the global architecture are closely examined.For those seeking substantial, authoritative descriptions and summaries,this volume will replace books, journals, and other information sources with a single, easy-to-use reference work.
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