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Ancient Rome

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the capital of Italy, in the central part, on the Tiber; the ancient capital of the Roman Empire; the site of Vatican City, seat of authority of the Roman Catholic Church

Pop. 2,459,776 (city) (2001) Italian, Roma


the ancient Italian kingdom, republic, and empire whose capital was the city of Rome.


the Roman Catholic Church.


Roman Catholicism.

Summary Article: Roman Empire from Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Second Edition
The Roman Empire refers to the post-Republican phase of ancient Roman civilization following the rise of its first emperor, Augustus, in 27 bce. With its power centered in ancient Rome, the empire reached its greatest extent under Trajan around 117 ce, when it took in all of the lands around the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Mesopotamia, and extended into Britain. Originating as a conglomeration of small pastoral communities scattered across seven neighboring hills along the Tiber River of Italy, Rome grew to become the capital of an empire that encompassed all the territories bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, extending from the British Isles to the Arabian Peninsula. Roman imperial authority combined the exercise of political and economic dominance with cultural and ideological sovereignty, enforced through strength of arms. The concept of “empire” in English-language...    Continue Reading

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