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Aron, Raymond, 1905-1983

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French sociologist and political commentator. Never afraid to follow an independent view, however unfashionable, he stressed the importance of the political element in social change. He saw industrial societies as characterized by pluralism and by a diversity of values and he was highly critical of Marxism.

Aron was professor of sociology at the University of Paris 1955–68 (resigning during the 1968 riots) and was a highly influential commentator on politics through his articles in the newspaper Le Figaro.

Summary Article: Aron, Raymond from The Encyclopedia of Political Science
Raymond-Claude-Ferdinand Aron (1905–1983) was a French scholar and journalist who, in postwar France, opposed the intellectual left. Aron, the son of Gustave Aron, a Jewish law professor, studied at the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), the French academy for teachers, from 1924 to 1928. In 1928 Aron had the highest score on the aggregation in philosophy (a competitive civil service examination offered in France). He was awarded a doctorate in 1930. In 1930, Aron went to Germany, where he was a lecturer at the University of Cologne until 1931 and a researcher from 1931 to 1933 at the Maison Academique in Berlin. He married Suzanne Gauchon in 1933. Aron was awarded his doctorate during this time, completing his thesis on the philosophy of history. With the rise of Adolph Hitler and anti-Semitism in Germany, Aron returned to France. He became a philosophy professor at the Lycee of Le Havre. He returned to Paris in 1934, becoming the secretary at the Center of Social Documentation at th...    Continue Reading

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