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Atomic bomb

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Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

noun: a powerful explosive device that derives its force from the sudden release of enormous amounts of nuclear energy during nuclear fission. Also called nuclear bomb.

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Powerful weapon of mass destruction that harnesses the energy created by nuclear fission (the splitting of the nucleus of an atom). The result creates an explosion of tremendous force. DEVELOPMENT OF THE BOMB In December 1938, German physicist Otto Hahn became the first person to perfect the process of nuclear fission. In his experiments, Hahn bombarded uranium atoms with slow-moving neutrons, causing the uranium nuclei to split in two and release more neutrons. Physicists later discovered that the fission of one atom could cause a chain reaction by triggering the fission of surrounding atoms. Pioneering theoretical physicists such as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Robert Oppenheimer realized the enormous possibilities of this research and quickly alerted the British and American governments to the German discoveries. These physicists were aware that the fission of a single atom releases a million times more energy per pound than dynamite. A country that i...    Continue Reading

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