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1. an industrial city in N England, in Bradford unitary authority, West Yorkshire: a centre of the woollen industry from the 14th century and of the worsted trade from the 18th century. Population: 289 376 (1991).
2. a unitary authority in West Yorkshire. Population: 481 700 (1994 est.). Area: 370 sq. km (143 sq. miles).
Industrial city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England, 14 km/9 mi west of Leeds. The manufacture of textiles, traditionally the base of Bradford's prosperity, declined in the 1970s but remains important. Other principal industries include printing, precision and construction engineering, and the manufacture of chemicals and electronics. Stone quarrying, brewing, photo-engraving, financial services, and publishing also contribute to the city's economy. History First settled in Saxon times, Bradford was destroyed in 1070 after an uprising during the Norman conquest. Its subsequent revival was due to its increasing influence in the woollen trade. At the beginning of the 19th century, Bradford was a rural market town of 16,000 people, where wool spinning and cloth weaving took place in local cottages and farms. By 1841 there were 38 worsted mills, and it was estimated that two-thirds of the country's wool production was processed in Bradford. Ten...    Continue Reading

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