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The capital of Slovakia since 1918, a port on the River Danube; capital of Hungary (1541-1784) and seat of the Hungarian parliament until 1848. Population: 452 053 (1996 est.). German name: Pressburg. Hungarian name: Pozsony.

Summary Article: Bratislava from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
City and capital of the Slovak Republic, and a leading port on the River Danube; population (2003 est) 428,800. A well-diversified industrial centre, its manufacturing includes textiles, chemicals, and metal goods. During the Communist period, heavy industry was focused on the production of armaments. The city is surrounded by forests, large farms, and vineyards, and has an active trade in agricultural products. It was the capital of Hungary from 1541 to 1784 and capital of the province of Slovakia (within Czechoslovakia) from 1919 until 1949, when the city became the capital of the newly created Bratislava Region. The region was abolished in 1960, and in 1993 it became the capital of the newly independent Slovak Republic. History It was the site of a Roman outpost called Posonium by the 1st century AD, and became a stronghold of the Great Moravian Empire in the 9th century. Much of southern and eastern Slovakia fell under Hungar...    Continue Reading

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