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Conceptual art

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Art in which the idea behind a particular work, and the means of producing it, are more important than the finished work.

Summary Article: conceptual art from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Type of modern art in which the idea or ideas that a work expresses are considered its essential point, with its visual appearance being of secondary (often negligible) importance. Conceptual art challenges the validity of traditional art, and claims that the materials used and the product of the process are unnecessary. As the idea or ideas are of prime significance, conceptual art is made up of information, including perhaps a written proposal, photographs, documents, and maps. The term has come to encompass all art forms outside traditional painting or sculpture, such as video art and performance art. Conceptual art is a highly controversial art form. Its supporters think it marks a significant expansion of the boundaries of art, which were previously growing increasingly commercialized. However, its detractors believe that it is trite, banal, and pretentious. The roots of conceptual art can be traced back to Marcel...    Continue Reading

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