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The capital of Denmark, a port on Zealand and Amager Islands on a site inhabited for some 6000 years: exports chiefly agricultural products; iron and steel works; university (1479). Population (urban area): 1 362 264 (1996 est.). Danish name: København.

Summary Article: Copenhagen from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Copenhagen (kō´pәnhā´´gәn, -hä´´gәn), Dan. København (kö´´bәnhoun´), city (1992 pop. 464,566; metropolitan area 1,339,395), capital of Denmark and of Copenhagen co., E Denmark, on E Sjælland and N Amager islands and on the Øresund. It is a major commercial, fishing, and naval port and is Denmark's chief commercial, industrial, and cultural center. It is also a rail hub. The Store Bælt bridge (1998), between Sjælland and Fyn islands, links the city to Denmark's mainland; the Øresund Fixed Link (2000) connects the city with Malmö, Sweden. Manufactures include ships, machinery, pharmaceuticals, processed food, beer, textiles, plastics, marine engines, furniture, and the celebrated Copenhagen ware. Copenhagen is the seat of a university (1479), a technical university (1829), an engineering college (1957), a music academy (1867), an economics and business administration school (1917),...    Continue Reading

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