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city NE

cen Colo., its ✽ pop 554,636

Den•ver•ite \-və-॑rīt\ n

Summary Article: Denver from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
City and capital of Colorado, in Denver County, on the South Platte River; population (2000 est) 554,600. At 1,609 m/5,280 ft above sea level, it is known as "Mile High City" and is situated on the western edge of the Great Plains, 24 km/15 mi from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver is the commercial, manufacturing, and transportation centre for the central west region of the USA. It has major sheep and cattle markets, and is the headquarters for several US government agencies; industries include aerospace, the manufacture of rubber products, processed food, electronics, and building materials. Mining and tourism are also important to the economy. Denver was incorporated in 1861 and was made capital of Colorado Territory in 1867, and capital of the new state of Colorado in 1876. It became a city in 1902. Denver was settled in 1858 following the discovery of gold in the area and was named after James Denver, the governor of Kansas Territory. It...    Continue Reading

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