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Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

1. the process of teaching.
2. the instruction received.
3. the process of training and improving (one’s taste, etc).

educationist noun an expert in methods of education.

Summary Article: education from The Columbia Encyclopedia
education, any process, either formal or informal, that shapes the potential of a maturing organism. Informal education results from the constant effect of environment, and its strength in shaping values and habits can not be overestimated. Formal education is a conscious effort by human society to impart the skills and modes of thought considered essential for social functioning. Techniques of instruction often reflect the attitudes of society, i.e., authoritarian groups typically sponsor dogmatic methods, while democratic systems may emphasize freedom of thought. Development of Education In ancient Greece education for freemen was a matter of studying Homer, mathematics, music, and gymnastics. Higher education was carried on by the Sophists and philosophers before the rise of the Academy and the philosophical schools. In medieval Western Europe, education was typically a...    Continue Reading

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