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Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

1. in a business organization, etc: concerned with management or administration.
2. for the use of managers and senior staff.
3. colloquial expensive and sophisticated executive cars.
4. law, politics relating to the carrying out of laws executive powers.
1. someone in an organization, etc who has power to direct or manage.
2. (the executive) law, politics the branch of government that puts laws into effect.

executively adverb.


Summary Article: executive from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
One of the three branches of government, the others being the legislature and the judiciary. In a sovereign state the executive consists of the person or body with the power to determine the policy of the state. In most modern states the composition and powers of the executive are defined in a written constitution. The major exception to this is the UK, which does not have a written constitution, but the composition and powers of the executive remain constitutionally limited by tradition, convention, common law, and statute. Dictatorships In some states, such as absolute monarchies in the past or modern dictatorships, both totalitarian and non-totalitarian, executive power may be wielded by a single person or by a small group of people who are not in practice subject to any constitutional restraints. In such cases the existence of a constitution may be intended to and may indeed confer an aura of l...    Continue Reading

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