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Fuentes, Carlos

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Mexican novelist and writer. His novels include A Change of Skin (1967), Terra Nostra (1975), and Cristóbal Nonato (1987).

Summary Article: Fuentes, Carlos (1928 –) from The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia
Novelist and playwright, born in Mexico City, Mexico. He studied at the University of Mexico and the Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva. He became cultural attaché to the Mexican Embassy in Geneva (1950–2), press secretary to the UN Information Centre, Mexico City, and served as the Mexican ambassador to France (1975–7). He became professor of Latin-American Studies at Harvard in 1987. His first collection of short-stories was Los dias enmascarados (1954, The Masked Days), and his novel La muerte de Artemio Cruz (1962, The Death of Artemio Cruz) established him as a major international writer. Other titles include Terra nostra (1975), The Hydra Head (1979), selected essays, Myself with Others (1988), and a further collection of short-stories, La frontera de cristal (1995). A collection of essays, An A–Z of a Writer’s Life, appeared in 2004.See also Latin-Am...    Continue Reading

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