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A large triangular jib sail, often with a foot that extends as far aft as the clew of the mainsail. Also called: genoa jib. Sometimes shortened to: genny, jenny.

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Genoa (jĕn´ōwә), Ital. Genova, city (1991 pop. 678,771), capital of Genoa prov. and of Liguria, NW Italy, on the Ligurian Sea. Beautifully situated on the Italian Riviera, it is the chief seaport of Italy and rivals Marseilles, France, as the leading Mediterranean port. It is an outlet for the Po Valley and for central Europe and handles extensive passenger and freight traffic. Genoa's harbor facilities, badly damaged in World War II and by storms in 1954-55, have been rebuilt and greatly modernized. The city is also a commercial and industrial center. Such manufactures as iron and steel, chemicals, petroleum, airplanes, ships, locomotives, motor vehicles, and textiles long led the economy, but the service sector is increasingly important while industry has slowly and steadily declined. Points of Interest Among Genoa's notable buildings are the Cathedral of San Lorenzo (r...    Continue Reading

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