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Grieg, Edvard Hagerup

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Definition: Grieg ( noun) Edvard (Hagerup) (1843 - 1907) from

Collins English Dictionary

Norwegian composer. His works, often inspired by Norwegian folk music, include the incidental music for Peer Gynt (1876), a piano concerto, and many songs.

Summary Article: Grieg, Edvard (Hagerup) from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Norwegian nationalist composer. Much of his music is written on a small scale, particularly his songs, dances, sonatas, and piano works, and strongly identifies with Norwegian folk music. Among his orchestral works are the piano concerto in A minor (1869) and the incidental music for Henrik Ibsen's drama Peer Gynt (1876), commissioned by Ibsen and the Norwegian government. Grieg was born in Bergen, the son of a merchant. He was taught piano by his mother from 1849. In 1858 the Norwegian composer Ole Bull persuaded Grieg's parents to send him to study at Leipzig, Germany, and he entered the conservatory there. In 1863 he went to live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and studied with Niels Gade. In 1864 he met Rikard Nordaak, who fired his enthusiasm for Norwegian national music, and became engaged to his cousin Nina Hagerup, whom he married in 1867, settling as a teacher and conductor in Christiania (Oslo). He was a director of the Christiania Philharmonic Society in...    Continue Reading

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