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Hay, John, 1838-1905

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, John Milton 1838–1905.

American public official and writer who served as ambassador to Great Britain (1897–1898) and US secretary of state (1898–1905). Assistant private secretary to Abraham Lincoln (1861–1864), he kept a diary throughout the Civil War and coauthored a ten-volume biography of Lincoln (1890).

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Hay, John (Milton), 1838-1905, American author and statesman, b. Salem, Ind. He practiced law at Springfield, Ill., where he met Abraham Lincoln. Hay accompanied Lincoln to Washington and was the President's assistant private secretary until Lincoln's death. The next five years were spent in minor posts in the U.S. legations at Paris, Vienna, and Madrid. Then followed four years of journalism in New York City, in which period he published his famous Pike County Ballads (1871). Marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Cleveland banker enabled him to pursue the profession of man of letters, to travel, and to fill political posts of distinction. He was appointed Assistant Secretary of State in 1878 and moved to Washington, D.C., where he became the intimate of Henry Adams and Clarence King. In this period he published with John G. Nicolay, the monumental Abra...    Continue Reading

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