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Lambert, Constant

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Here tottered, tipsy e'er the day begun / That prince of bad composers H MacCunn.

Quoted in Motion The Lamberts 1986

In addition to its intrinsic interest as a new craft, writing for films will have the salutary effect of keeping composers in touch with a large audience and its human reactions.

‘Essay’ 1936

I was compelled to leave at the end of the first movement, which seemed to last as long as my first term at school.

On Tovey's Cello Concerto, in The Sunday Referee 1937

There is a definite limit to the length of time a composer can go on writing in one dance rhythm. This limit is obviously reached by Ravel toward the end of La Valse and toward the beginning of Boléro.

Music Ho! 1934

The whole trouble with a folk song is that once you have played it through there is nothing you can do except play it over again and play it rather louder.

Music Ho! 1934


Lambert, Constant

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