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Lashley, Karl

Summary Article: Lashley, Karl Spencer from Biographical Dictionary of Psychology
Born: 1890, Davis, USA Died: 1958, Poitiers, France Nat: American Ints: Experimental analysis of behaviour, physiological and comparative, clinical neuropsychology Educ: BA University of West Virginia, 1901; MS University of Pittsburgh, 1911; PhD Johns Hopkins University. 1914 Appts & awards: Research Professor in Neuropsychology, Harvard University; President, APA, 1929; Hon. DSc, University of Pittsburgh, 1936, University, of Chicago, 1941, Western Reserve University, 1951, University of Pennsylvania; Warren Medal in Psychology, 1937; President, Eastern Psychological Association, 1938; Hon. MA, Harvard University, 1942; Elliot Medal in Zoology, 1943; Baly Meda...    Continue Reading

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