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Lemmon, Jack

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Definition: Lemmon, Jack (John Uhler Lemmon III) from

The Macquarie Dictionary

1925-2001, US film actor; won Academy Awards for his performances in Mister Roberts (1955) and Save the Tiger (1973).

Summary Article: Lemmon, Jack, (8 Feb 1925 – 27 Jun 2001) from The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia
Film and stage actor, born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He studied at Harvard, served in the navy, and was a singing waiter, before appearing in numerous television plays. Following his film debut in It Should Happen to You (1954), he was established as a comedy performer. Some Like It Hot (1959) began a seven-film collaboration with director Billy Wilder. He received great acclaim for his performances, winning Oscars for Mister Roberts (1955) and Save the Tiger (1973). Later films include Tribute (1980), Missing (1981), Dad (1989), Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), Out to Sea (1997), and The Odd Couple II (1998). He received the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award in 1988 and the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 1990.See also Matthau, Wilder, Billy.Major works:Films (1954) It Should Happen to You (1955) Mr Roberts (195...    Continue Reading

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