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Lennon, John

Summary Article: Lennon, John (Winston) (9 Oct 1940 – 8 Dec 1980) from The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia

Pop star, composer, songwriter, and recording artist, born in Liverpool, Merseyside, NW England, UK. He was the Beatles rhythm guitarist, keyboard player, and vocalist, and a partner in the Lennon–McCartney song-writing team. He married Japanese artist Yoko Ono - his second marriage - in 1969. Together they invented a form of peace protest by staying in bed while being filmed and interviewed, and the single recorded under the name of The Plastic Ono Band, ‘Give Peace a Chance’ (1969), became the ‘national anthem’ for pacifists. He had five more chart singles between 1971–4, but only ‘Imagine’ (1971) had any immediate impact. On the birth of his son, Sean (1975–), he retired from music to become a house-husband. Five years later he recorded ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’, but he was shot and killed by a deranged fan just before its release. His death affected millions of people, record sales soared, and he continues to be admired by new generations of fans.

See also Beatles, McCartney, Ono.

Major works:

 (1968) Unfinished Music No1 - Two Virgins
 (1969) Unfinished Music No 2 - Life With the Lions
 (1969) The Wedding Album
 (1970) The Plastic Onon Band; Live Peace In Toronto 1969
 (1971) John Lennon Plastic Ono Band
 (1971) Imagine
 (1972) Sometime In New York City
 (1973) Mind Games
 (1974) Walls and Bridges
 (1975) Rock ’N’ Roll
 (1980) Double Fantasy
 (1983) Heartplay - Unfinished Dialogue
 (1984) Milk And Honey
 (1986) Live In New York City
 (1986) Menlove Ave
 (1988) The Last Word
 (1988) Imagine - Music From The Motion Picture
 (1990) John & Yoko: The Interview

 (1975) Shaved Fish
 (1982) The John Lennon Collection
 (1990) The Ultimate John Lennon Collection

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