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Lewis, Wyndham Percy

Summary Article: Lewis, [Percy] Wyndham from Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature
Writer and artist, Lewis was the son of an American father and a British mother of Scots and Irish descent. His parents separated in 1893, and his mother brought him to London where they lived in genteel poverty. He was educated at Rugby and at the age of sixteen he won a scholarship to London’s Slade School of Art but leaving three years later without completing his course, he traveled to Germany, visited Spain and Holland, and went to Paris where he painted and attended lectures at the Sorbonne. He returned to England in 1909 and began to write and to exhibit his paintings. He had three stories printed by Ford Madox FORD in the English Review. He became the director of the Rebel Art Centre, described as the seat of the Great London Vortex and in June 1914 and July 1915 he published the only two issues of Blast, a Vorticist review, much of which he wrote himself. Blast showed the influence of IMAGISM while the designs by Le...    Continue Reading

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