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A region of NW Italy, on the Ligurian Sea (an arm of the Mediterranean): the third smallest of the regions of Italy. Population: 1 658 513 (1996 est.). Area: 5410 sq. km (2089 sq. miles).

Derived words: Ligurian adjective, noun.

Summary Article: Liguria from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Liguria (lĭgr´ēә, Ital. lēg´ryä), region (1991 pop. 1,676,282), 2,098 sq mi (5,434 sq km), NW Italy, extending along the Ligurian Sea and bordering France on the west. The generally mountainous region has a steep, narrow coastal strip that includes the beautiful Italian Riviera. In the interior, the Ligurian Alps rise in the west and the Ligurian Apennines in the east. Genoa is the capital of Liguria, which is divided into Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia, and Savona provs. (named for their capitals, all of which are seaports). Flowers (mostly for use in making perfume), olives, wine grapes, citrus fruit, mushrooms, and cereals are grown. Chestnuts are gathered in the mountains, where there are extensive pastures, timberland, and marble, slate, quartz, and limestone quarries. Fishing is pursued along the coast. Manufactures of the region include iron and steel, ships, machinery, text...    Continue Reading

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