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Linnaeus, Carolus Carl von Linné

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Carolus Linnaeus 1707–1778 Sw. Carl von Lin•né \lə-॑nā

\ Swed. botanist

Summary Article: Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778) from The Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography
Swedish botanist who became famous for introducing the binomial system of biological nomenclature (which is named after him and is universally used today), and for formulating basic principles for classification. Linnaeus was born on 27 May 1707 in South Råshult, Sweden, the son of a clergyman. He was interested in plants even as a child, but his father sent him to study medicine, first at the University of Lund in 1727 and then at Uppsala University. In 1730 Linnaeus was appointed lecturer in botany at Uppsala and two years later explored Lapland for the Uppsala Academy of Sciences. In 1735 Linnaeus left Sweden for Holland to obtain his MD at the University of Harderwijk. On his return to Sweden in 1738 Linnaeus practised as a physician, with considerable success, and in the following year he married Sara Moraea, a physician's daughter. In 1741 he was appointed professor of medicine at Uppsala University but changed this position in 1742 for the chair of botany, which he retained f...    Continue Reading

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