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Lipchitz, Jacques Chaim Jacob

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Jacques Lipchitz 1891–1973 Am. (Latvian-born) sculptor

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Lipchitz, Jacques (zhäk lēpshēts´), 1891-1973, French sculptor, b. Lithuania as Chaim Jacob Lipchitz. From 1909, Lipchitz studied in Paris, where he became a member of the Esprit Nouveau group. From about 1915 to 1930 he was widely recognized as one of the major cubist (see cubism) sculptors. Among his characteristic cubist bronzes in American collections are Girl with a Braid (c.1914-15, Philadelphia Mus. of Art) and Bather (1923-25, Sheldon Memorial Art Gall., Lincoln, Neb.). His vibrant skeletal constructions, which he originated in 1913, are unique in modern sculpture. In 1924 he began creating transparent sculptures, using the lost-wax technique, that resembled drawings in bronze. Allegories of struggle preoccupied him in the late 1930s, and he executed such works as The Rape of Europa, Bull an...    Continue Reading

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