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Long, Huey

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, Huey Pierce Known as “the Kingfish.” 1893–1935.

American politician. As a populist but dictatorial governor of Louisiana (1928–1932) he instituted major public works legislation, and as a US Senator (1932–1935) he proposed a radical program of income redistribution.

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Long, Huey Pierce, 1893-1935, American political leader, b. Winnfield, La.; brother of Earl Long. Originally a farm boy, he was an extremely successful traveling salesman before studying law at Tulane Univ. He was admitted to the bar in 1915 and practiced in Winnfield and Shreveport. Long was elected to the Louisiana railroad commission in 1918; in 1921 it became the public service commission. He was reelected to the commission in 1924, served as chairman, and was attorney for the state in public utility litigation. Narrowly defeated for governor of Louisiana in 1924, Long was swept into office four years later. When the state legislature obstructed his program of economic and social reform, he severely lessened the influence of the moneyed oligarchy that had dominated Louisiana government since Reconstruction and established his own control of the state through extensive use of patronage. Long was responsible for the building o...    Continue Reading

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