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Lovell, Bernard, 1913-2012

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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary

Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard Lovell 1913–     Brit. astron.

Summary Article: Lovell, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard (1913 - ) from The Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists
After studying physics at the University of Bristol, Lovell was appointed to the staff of the physics department at the University of Manchester in 1936, where he was to spend his career. He became professor of radio astronomy and later director of the Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories at Jodrell Bank, near Manchester.Lovell was an outstanding experimental physicist who played a key part in the wartime development of radar in Britain, and went on to pioneer the study of radio astronomy, constructing the world’s largest steerable radio telescope at Jodrell Bank.After early university work on the detection of cosmic ray showers with Blackett, Lovell was conscripted to the war effort in 1939 and worked on the development of airborne radar systems to enable British nightfighters to locate German bombers. This was highly successful and resulted in heavy casualties being inflicted on the bombers, saving many lives. In 1942 he was directed to take charge of...    Continue Reading

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