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Marshall, George

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, George Catlett 1880–1959.

American soldier, diplomat, and politician. As US secretary of state (1947–1949) he organized the European Recovery Program, often called the Marshall Plan, for which he received the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize.

Summary Article: Marshall, George C(atlett), Jr (31 Dec 1880 – 16 Oct 1959) from The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia
US soldier and secretary of state, born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA. Son of a well-to-do coal dealer, he graduated from the Virginia Military Institute (1901), received a commission in the army the next year, saw service in the Philippines insurrection campaign (1902–3), and proved himself to be an outstanding staff officer in a series of appointments leading up to World War 1. One of the first officers to go to France, he was chief of operations of the 1st Infantry Division, and then held the same post with the First Army. His brilliant transfer of troops in the Meuse-Argonne campaign caught the attention of General John Pershing, and Marshall became his principal aide (1919–24). Tall, confident, soft-spoken, and politically adept, he continued to advance his reputation as an administrator. He served in China (1924–7), organized the Civilian Conservation Corps, and was chief of the war plans division and deputy chief of staff (1938–9).As World War 2 commenced, he became th...    Continue Reading

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