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A port in NE Sicily, on the Strait of Messina: colonized by Greeks around 730  BC; under Spanish rule (1282-1676 and 1678-1713); university (1549). Population: 263 092 (1996 est.).

Summary Article: Messina from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Messina (mās-sē´nä), city (1991 pop. 231,693), capital of Messina prov., NE Sicily, Italy, on the Strait of Messina, opposite the Italian mainland. It is a busy seaport and a commercial and light industrial center. Manufactures include processed food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and construction materials. Founded (late 8th cent. b.c.) by Greek colonists and named Zancle, the city was captured (5th cent. b.c.) by Anaxilas of Rhegium and renamed Messana. It became involved in several wars, particularly against Syracuse and Carthage, and was taken in 282 b.c. by mercenaries called Mamertines. The Romans answered an appeal for help from the Mamertines and intervened in Sicily, thus precipitating the first of the Punic Wars. Messina was subsequently allied with Rome, and it shared the history of the rest of Sicily. T...    Continue Reading

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