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Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977

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, Vladimir Vladimirovich 1899–1977.

Russian-born American writer whose novels, such as Lolita (1955) and Pale Fire (1962), are noted for their wordplay and structural ingenuity.

Summary Article: Nabokov, Vladimir (Vladimirovich) (23 Apr 1899 – 2 Jul 1977) from The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia
Writer, born in St Petersburg, Russia. He studied at the Prince Tenishev School, St Petersburg (1910–17), and at Trinity College, Cambridge (1922 BA). To escape the Bolshevik Revolution, he and his family left Russia (1919) and moved to Berlin, Germany. He taught English and tennis, as well as composing crossword puzzles for the Russian emigré newspaper, Rul (1922–37), and gained a reputation as a fiction writer (in Russian) under the pen name, V Sirin. He moved to Paris (1937–40), then fleeing the Nazis he emigrated to the USA with his wife and child (1940). He taught at Stanford during the summer of 1941 and at Wellesley (1941–8), and as an authority on butterflies he became a research fellow in entomology at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology (1942–59). During 1948–59 he also taught at Cornell. An accomplished linguist, he had known English since his childhood but did not begin writing in it until after he set...    Continue Reading

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