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Nez Percé

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Collins English Dictionary

1. plural Nez Percés or Nez Percé a member of a North American Indian people of the Pacific coast, a tribe of the Sahaptino.
2. the Sahaptin language of this people.

[French, literally: pierced nose].

Summary Article: Nez Percé from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Member of an American Indian people who inhabited the plateau between the Rocky Mountain and Coastal ranges (Idaho, Washington, and Oregon) until the mid-19th century. Their language belongs to the Penutian family. They were mistakenly named for another people, as nose-piercing was never a custom among them. Formerly sedentary and dependant on salmon-fishing, they adopted the nomadic buffalo-hunting lifestyle of the Plains Indians after acquiring horses in the 1730s. They were unique in selectively breeding horses, developing the Appaloosa into one of the largest herds in North America. The Nez Percé now live in Idaho and Washington and number about 1,500 (1990). Business concerns include logging, fishing, and commerce. The Nez Percé originally lived in communal A-framed lodges, which often accommodated up to 30 families, in small independent villages located beside rivers and streams. They fished for salmon, which they dr...    Continue Reading

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