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1. the capital of Canada, in E Ontario on the Ottawa River: name changed from Bytown to Ottawa in 1854. Population: 313 987 (1991).
2. a river in central Canada, rising in W Quebec and flowing west, then southeast to join the St Lawrence River as its chief tributary at Montreal; forms the border between Quebec and Ontario for most of its length. Length: 1120 km (696 miles).
Summary Article: Ottawa from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Capital of Canada, in eastern Ontario, on the hills overlooking the Ottawa River, and divided by the Rideau Canal (1832) into the Upper (western) and Lower (eastern) towns; population (2001 est) 774,100, in a metropolitan area (with adjoining Hull, Québec) of 1,063,700. Industries include engineering, hi-tech and information technology, telecommunications, biotechnology, food-processing, publishing, lumber, and the manufacture of pulp, paper, textiles, and leather products. Government, and community and health services employ a large section of the workforce. Ottawa was founded 1826–32 as Bytown, in honour of John By (1781–1836), whose army engineers were building the Rideau Canal. In 1854 it was renamed after the Ottawa River, the name deriving from the Outaouac, native Canadian Algonquin people of the area. History The site of Ottawa was explored in 1613 by Samuel de Champlain, who named the...    Continue Reading

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