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Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

1. the act of prohibiting or state of being prohibited.
2. a law or decree that prohibits something.
3. a ban by law, especially in the US from 1920-1933, on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks.

prohibitionary adjective.

prohibitionist noun.

Summary Article: Prohibition from Encyclopedia of American Studies
Prohibition began in the United States in 1920 when the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution took effect. The era that it ushered in lasted until 1933, when special conventions in three-fourths of the states repealed prohibition. Officially, prohibition refers to the outlawing of all manufacturing and sales of alcohol in the United States. Although there was widespread opposition to the ban, most Americans did obey the law; estimates indicate that alcoholic consumption was cut by over fifty percent. It seems inevitable that people will seek to ban the bad habits of others. Certainly, there was cause for concern regarding the high consumption of alcohol in the United States and its effects on individuals and families. By all accounts, alcoholism was a serious problem in America, and people sought solutions for it. Temperance movements seeking to stop the consumption of alcohol were part of a wider movement seeking to regulate morals in the direction assumed most beneficial to o...    Continue Reading

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