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A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting parts of Arkansas along the Arkansas River, with a present-day population in Oklahoma.


The Siouan language of the Quapaw.

Summary Article: Quapaw from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Member of an American Indian people who probably originated in the Ohio Valley, but had migrated to the Mississippi–Arkansas river confluence (northern Arkansas) by the mid-16th century. They speak a Siouan-Dhegiha dialect. A settled agricultural culture, they lived in palisaded villages and built earth mounds for their temples and graves. In the 1700s they acquired horses and hunted buffalo like the Plains Indians. After ceding their land in the early 19th century, they eventually moved to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). The Quapaw now have an estimated population of 2,000, many of whom live in Oklahoma. Income has been generated from rich deposits of lead and zinc on their lands. The Quapaw are related to the Kaw (Kansa), Osage, Omaha, and Ponca, sharing the same Siouan dialect. Traditionally they live...    Continue Reading

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