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Ricardo, David

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Definition: Ricardo ( noun) David (1772 - 1823) from

Collins English Dictionary

British economist. His main work is Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1817).

Derived words: Ricardian adjective, noun.

Summary Article: Ricardo, David from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
English economist. With the possible exception of German philosopher and economist Karl Marx, no great economist of the past has received so many divergent and even contradictory interpretations as David Ricardo. No sooner had his Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1817) appeared, but he attracted a number of ardent disciples who hailed him as the founder of a new rigorous science of political economy. However, these were soon followed by an even larger number of detractors, who struggled to escape from the grip of Ricardo's overwhelming influence on the economic thinking of his times. The leading economic textbook of the mid-19th century, English philosopher John Stuart Mill'sPrinciples of Political Economy (1848), paid tribute once again to Ricardo's genius and secured his reputation with yet another generation of students. With the onset of the "marginal rev...    Continue Reading

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