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Santayana, George

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Definition: Santayana ( noun) George (1863 - 1952) from

Collins English Dictionary

U.S. philosopher, poet, and critic, born in Spain. His works include The Life of Reason (1905-06) and The Realms of Being (1927-40).

Summary Article: Santayana, George (Jorge Augustin Nicolas Ruiz de S.) from Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Philosophers
Spanish, b: 16 December 1863, Madrid, d: 29 September 1952, Rome. Cat: Systematic philosopher. Ints: Metaphysics; epistemology; ethics; aesthetics; politics. Educ: Taken to America 1872; educated at Harvard. Infls: Plato, Aristotle and Spinoza. Appts: Member of Philosophy Department, Harvard, 1889–1912; an inheritance allowed him to relinquish his post in 1912, after which Santayana lived in Europe, based chiefly in Rome, and devoted himself to writing (he retained Spanish nationality all his life but wrote in English). Main publications:...    Continue Reading

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