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Schiller, Friedrich

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, Johann Christoph Friedrich von 1759–1805.

German poet, dramatist, and historian. A leading romanticist, he is best known for his historical plays, such as Don Carlos (1787) and William Tell (1804), and for his long didactic poems.

Summary Article: Schiller, Friedrich von from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Schiller, Friedrich von, 1759-1805, German dramatist, poet, and historian, one of the greatest of German literary figures, b. Marbach, Württemberg. The poets of German romanticism were strongly influenced by Schiller, and he ranks as one of the founders of modern German literature, second only to Goethe. Life The son of an army captain, Schiller attended the duke of Württemberg's military academy, the Karlsschule, and was forced by the domineering duke to study medicine. After graduating in 1780 he became an army surgeon, attached to a military life he abhorred. Turning to writing, he created a striking attack on political tyranny in Die Räuber (1781), one of the great plays of the Sturm und Drang period. Its performance (1782) in Mannheim won him public acclaim as well as the wrath of the duke, who forbade him to write. Schiller fled from his...    Continue Reading

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