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Schleiermacher, Friedrich

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, Friedrich Daniel Ernst 1768–1834.

German philosopher, Protestant theologian and originator of modern hermeneutics who believed that the individual must develop a personal religious attitude.

Summary Article: Schleiermacher, Friedrich Daniel Ernst from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Schleiermacher, Friedrich Daniel Ernst (frē´drĭkh dä´nyĕl ĕrnst shlī´әrmäkh´´әr), 1768-1834, German Protestant theologian, b. Breslau. He broke away from the Moravian Church and studied at Halle. Ordained in 1794, he accepted a post as a Reformed preacher in Berlin. There he came into contact with the German Romantic movement and became a friend of Friedrich Schlegel. In 1799 he published his eloquent Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers (tr. 1893). The work showed his closeness to the Romantics as well as the influence of his Pietist background. He defined religion as an absolute dependence on a monotheistic God, reached through intuition and independent of dogma. From 1804 to 1807, Schleiermacher taught at Halle. When war led to the closing of that university he returned to Berlin, where he was made professor in 1810. Through his stirring sermons he played a prominent part in the Prussian war against Napoleo...    Continue Reading

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