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A walled city in central Italy, in Tuscany: founded by the Etruscans; important artistic centre (13th-14th centuries); university (13th century). Population: 58 278 (1990).

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Siena (syĕ´nä), city (1991 pop. 56,956), capital of Siena prov., Tuscany, central Italy. Rich in art treasures and historic architecture, it is one of the most popular tourist centers in Italy. The city is also noted for its wine and for its marble, a rich orange with purple and black veinings. According to tradition, Siena was founded at the beginning of Roman times by Senus, the son of Remus. It became a free commune in the 12th cent. and, gradually extending its territory, developed into a wealthy republic. The city was characterized by continuous internal strife between popular and aristocratic factions. Despite frequent wars, particularly with Florence, Siena maintained its independence. After the rule of the Petrucci family (1487-1523), the Spanish and French struggled for control of the city, which fell after a siege (1554-55) to Emperor Charles V. Shortly thereafter it passed to Cosimo I de' Medici, duke of Tuscany. The local interpretation of the...    Continue Reading

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