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The capital of Bulgaria, in the west: colonized by the Romans in 29  AD; became capital of Bulgaria in 1879; university (1880). Population: 1 116 823 (1996 est.). Ancient name: Serdica. Bulgarian name: Sofiya.

Summary Article: Sofia from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Sofia (sōfē´ә, sō´fēә), Bulg. Sofiya, city (1993 pop. 1,114,476), capital of Bulgaria, W central Bulgaria, on a high plain surrounded by the Balkan Mts. It is Bulgaria's chief industrial, transportation, and commercial center. Among the chief manufactures are engineering and metal products, foodstuffs, textiles, rubber and leather goods, furniture, footwear, and chemicals. A Thracian settlement once occupied the site of Sofia. It was taken by the Romans in a.d. 29 and flourished, especially, under the Emperor Trajan, as Sardica. Destroyed by the Huns in 447, the city was rebuilt (6th cent.) by Byzantine emperor Justinian I and renamed Triaditsa by the Byzantines. It formed part of the first Bulgarian kingdom (809-1018), reverted to the Byzantines (1018-1186), and was included in the second Bulgarian kingdom (1186-1382). Known as Sredets under the Bulgars, it was renamed Sofia or Sophya in 1376. S...    Continue Reading

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