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St Albans

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The Macquarie Dictionary

a city in south-east England, in Hertfordshire; Roman ruins, Norman cathedral; site of two battles in the Wars of the Roses, 1455, 1461.

Pop. 82,429 (2001)

Latin, Verulamium

Summary Article: St Albans from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
City in Hertfordshire, England, on the River Ver, 40 km/25 mi northwest of London; population (2001) 82,400. The chief industries are electrical engineering, hosiery, clothing, information and legal services, musical instruments, and orchid culture. Printing is very important: one of the early presses set up in the late 15th century by the "Scolemaster Printer", and his The Book of St Albans contains the earliest example of colour printing in England. There are the ruins of the Roman city of Verulamium on Watling Street. A Benedictine abbey was founded in 793 in honour of St Alban, and it became a cathedral in 1878. Other features include the Clock Tower (1411) in the High Street; the Royal National Rose Society headquarters and gardens; Rothamsted Park agricultural research centre; the Organ Museum of mechanical musical instruments; and the Verulamium Museum, with its collection of Roman remains. St Albans is the successor to...    Continue Reading

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