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St Lucia

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a parliamentary state in the Windward Islands group of the West Indies, consisting of one volcanic island; a British colony and Associated State before independence in 1979.

Pop. 155,996 (2000); Area. 616 km2; Lang. English, also a French-based creole; Curr. East Caribbean dollar; Cap. Castries

Summary Article: St Lucia from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Country in the West Indies, in the eastern Caribbean Sea, one of the Windward Islands. Government St Lucia has a multiparty parliamentary political executive. Its constitution dates from independence in 1979. Its formal head of state is a governor-general, appointed by and representing the British monarch. The governor general appoints a prime minister and cabinet, drawn from and responsible to the lower house of the two-chamber parliament. The legislature comprises an upper house, the Senate, with 11 appointed members, and a lower house, the House of Assembly, with 17 members, elected from single-member constituencies by universal suffrage. Six senators are appointed by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister, three on the advice of the leader of the opposition, and two after wider consultation. Parliament has a life of up to five years. History The original inhabitants were Carib Indians....    Continue Reading

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