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Summary Article: Sydney from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide
Principal port and largest city of Australia and capital of the state of New South Wales; population (2001 est) 3,997,300. Founded in 1788, Sydney is situated on Port Jackson inlet on the southeast coast of Australia, and is built on hills around a number of bays and inlets that form an impressive natural harbour. Most of the maritime trade of Sydney is handled by Port Jackson on Sydney Harbour, one of the country's leading ports, though Botany Bay also has a specialist terminal for shipping petroleum products. The city is the home of most of the manufacturing industries in New South Wales, including oil refining, engineering, electronics, and the manufacture of scientific equipment, chemicals, clothing, and furniture. Notable architectural landmarks are the Harbour Bridge (which, with an arch of 503 m/1,650 ft, is one of the world's largest single-span bridges), the nearby Sydney Opera House, and Centre Point Tower. There a...    Continue Reading

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