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Collins English Dictionary

A region of N Italy: consists of the part of the Tyrol south of the Brenner Pass, ceded by Austria after World War I. Population: 913 169 (1996 est.). Area: 13 613 sq. km (5256 sq. miles). Former name (until 1947): Venezia Tridentina.

Summary Article: Trentino-Alto Adige from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Trentino-Alto Adige (trāntē´nō-äl´tō ä´dējā), region (1991 est. pop. 890,360), 5,256 sq mi (13,613 sq km), N Italy, bordering on Switzerland in the northwest and on Austria in the north. From 1919 to 1947 it was called Venezia Tridentina. Trent (Ital. Trento) is the capital of the region. Land, People, and Economy The terrain is almost entirely mountainous, except for a narrow strip along the upper Adige River, where most of the population is concentrated. The region includes the Tyrolean Alps south of the Brenner Pass and, in the east, part of the Dolomites. The region is divided into Trento and Bolzano provinces. The provincial capitals alternate biennially as the site of the regional parliament. The provinces have considerable autonomy. Most of the inhabitants of Bolzano province, and roughly 40% of the total population of the region, are German-speaking; the re...    Continue Reading

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