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A port in central Norway, on Trondheim Fjord (an inlet of the Norwegian Sea): national capital until 1380; seat of the Technical University of Norway. Population: 143 746 (1996). Former name (until the 16th century and from 1930 to 1931): Nidaros.

Summary Article: Trondheim from The Columbia Encyclopedia
Trondheim (trôn´hām), city (1995 pop. 142,792), capital of Sør-Trøndelag co., central Norway, a port on the Trondheimsfjord (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean). It is also known by its original name, Nidaros. The third largest city of Norway, it is a commercial, industrial, and shipping center. Manufactures include metal goods, construction materials, textiles, processed food, and forest products. Founded in 997 by Olaf I, the king who introduced Christianity to Norway, the city was the political and religious capital of medieval Norway. In 1152, Nicholas Breakspear (later Pope Adrian IV) made it a archiepiscopal see. The city was also an important trade center until the Hanseatic period, when its trade was largely diverted (14th cent.) to Bergen. Olaf Engelbrektsson, archbishop of Nidaros, strongly resisted (early 16th cent.) the attempt of King Christian III to force the Reformation on Norway and defended the rights of Norway as a separate kingdom. However...    Continue Reading

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