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Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

1. the state or condition of being unemployed.
2. the number or percentage of unemployed people in a particular region, country, etc.


Summary Article: unemployment from Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
A major topic of social research during periods of mass unemployment in the twentieth century, unemployment arose with the growth of dependency on waged employment. It involves exclusion from paid employment but definitions and measurement remain contentious. The International Labour Organization definition, widely adopted for comparative studies of countries and over time, includes people currently available for work who actively looked for work during the previous month. This excludes the discouraged unemployed, those not currently seeking work but who might take a job if offered. However, it includes some excluded from official counts because of ineligibility for state benefits, as eligibility is usually more restricted (and shifts with policy changes). Sociologists often focus on the experience and consequences of unemployment, leaving economists to analyze causes. Ec...    Continue Reading

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