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Open Advertising

The rising significance of consumption (or consumer culture) in contemporary societies is often associated with the impact of advertising —the

American Fur Company

John Jacob Astor founded the American Fur Company in 1808 in an attempt to compete with other large fur trading companies, such as the North West

Open Auctions

Sale of goods or property in public to the highest bidder. There are usually conditions of sale by which all bidders are bound. Long-established world

Beckwourth, James Pierson, 1798-1866

US pioneer and mountain man who discovered a lower pass, now known as Beckwourth's Pass , through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to California's


Over the last decade, blogging has become perhaps the most popular new form of communication. Its supporters trace a historical linkage to the

Open Branding (Marketing)
Branding (Marketing)

Branding is the process by which companies differentiate their products from their competition. In developing a unique identity, which may include a

Open Cartel

( kärtĕl' ), national or international organization of manufacturers or traders allied by agreement to fix prices, limit supply, divide markets, or to

Open Coca-Cola

Trade name of a sweetened, carbonated drink, originally made with coca leaves and flavoured with cola nuts, and containing caramel and caffeine.

Open commodity market
commodity market

organized traders' exchange in which standardized, graded products are bought and sold. Worldwide, there are 48 major commodity exchanges that trade

Open Communication

Communication is a social process that requires the participation of two or more persons. It involves the human ability to use abstract concepts in