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Aachen (Germany)

Cathedral city and spa in the Land (state) of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 64 km/40 mi southwest of Cologne, near the Dutch and Belgian borders;

Aalto, Alvar, 1898-1976

(ŏl'vär äl'tō), 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer. Aalto is considered one of the foremost architects of the 20th cent. Most of his

Aaron, Hank, 1934-

Baseball Player Born in Mobile, Alabama, on February 5, 1934, Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron first played sandlot ball as a teenager. He later played for a

Open Abadan (Iran)
Abadan (Iran)

Iranian oil port in Khuzestan province, situated on an island on the east side of the Shatt-al-Arab waterway at the head of the Gulf, 675 km/420 mi

Open Abbasids

The Abbasid caliphate was the third of the Islamic caliphates, and it lasted from 750 until 1258, making it the longest of the caliphates and one that

Abbeville (France)

Town in the Somme département , Picardy region, in northern France, 19 km/12 mi inland from the mouth of the River Somme and 40 km/25 mi northwest of

Open Abbey, Edward, 1927-1989
Abbey, Edward, 1927-1989

Author of 25 books of fiction and non-fiction mostly about the desert Southwest, Edward Abbey is best known as the author of DESERT SOLITAIRE (1968) ,

Open Abbey Theatre
Abbey Theatre

Playhouse in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, associated with the literary revival of the early 1900s, that was part of a general cultural Irish revival .

Abbott, Berenice, 1898-1991

1898-1991 US photographer Born in Springfield, Ohio, she studied at Ohio State University with the intention of becoming a journalist, then moved to

Abbott, Diane

British left-wing Labour Party politician, shadow home secretary from 2016. Positioned on the left wing of the party, she criticized Tony Blair 's